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    We specialize in developing leaders that understand the power of collective engagement and who are willing to transform themselves and their organizations by learning new ways of working together effectively.

    Bernice Moore, Ph.D.

    Strategy & Business Development

    Bernice's work focuses on creating greater collaboration across distances and differences. Her programs have engaged and inspired employees, maximized profitability, and uplifted customer satisfaction. Working collaboratively with clients, Bernice enhances cross-boundary alignment and collective action; her coaching and learning programs develop cross-cultural leadership effectiveness and helps people work well together to fulfill their aspirations and accomplish their goals.

    Eric Belluche

    Visual Content Designer

    Influenced by years of martial arts practice, Eric's approach to design, photography and videography has a similar balance and fluidity. His deep understanding of kinesthetic and spatial relationships has blurred the boundaries between artistic movement and digital content creation. Computers and cameras are his lifelong companions. Eric has been able to leverage and evolve these skills as a small business owner, a teacher, a consultant to educational grant writers and a videographer. With his creative eye, Eric elevates the quality of ICO's instructional materials to make them more engaging and accessible with a focus on improved learning.

    Adrienne Fazio

    Online Market Development

    Adrienne is an experienced researcher who explores new ways of connecting. Adrienne is adept at planning and organization, bringing consistency and adaptability to ICOís practices and presence. Interests in technology and studies in anthropology come together in Adrienneís understanding of the value of social media. Her studies as a sommelier make her an additional asset to the team.

    Jerome Steegmans

    Content Editor-in-Chief

    Jerome is an experienced and published writer and editor with expertise in online content development that supports organizational change and creates innovation. His ability to work with writers and editors that are globally dispersed plus his knowledge of collaborative technologies and content management systems ensure that ICO is providing clients with cutting edge collaborative capabilities.

    Jason Jones M.A.

    Product Development

    Jason has a over a decade of experience in web and product development. Much of this time has been spent developing web based training (eLearning) products for major companies, including Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, Petco, Charles Schwab, Adobe, and many others. Jason brings expertise in politics and public policy to the team, and; his research into political behavior is often relevant for understanding dicey team dynamics. Every team needs a policy wonk, and the ICO team benefits from Jasonís knowledge and insights.