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  • Facilitation Services Sourcing from various fields , we offer innovative facilitation services that foster productivity & engage teams, building solid foundations and generating growth and performance for local and virtual groups.

    We design and facilitate systems-level engagements that ensure improved alignment, effectiveness, and results.

    Our strategy planning sessions, team-building events, meetings and retreats for groups large or small are focused upon creating valuable outcomes.

    Through our work with Fortune 500 companies, we have created a three-phased arc of development that evolves organizations toward greater profitability, collaboration and effectiveness.

    We provide action learning programs that are customized to your organization. Each program is designed to develop collaborative leadership by drawing from such themes as AIR (Advocacy, Inquiry, and Reflection),The Collaborative Leader, Brain Business, and the Enneagram. These offer face-to-face or online learning experiences designed to enable participants to put new skills into action while actually getting work done.

    As experts who are passionate about collaboration and learning, we use cutting-edge findings from brain science to provide valuable tools and “how-to” tips for optimizing our experience.

    We are focused on developing a new kind of leadership--a leadership that is capable of effective and mindful action in the face of complexity, that is able to integrate and engage diverse and dispersed teams, transforming distances and differences into strengths.