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  • Learning We offer an advanced learning model, combining a virtual classroom environment with rich multimedia content, providing a package of unparalleled depth and value.

    The Collaborative Leader

    This course is divided into five modules that build leadership capacity and knowledge. Skills are developed with like-minded leaders who want to improve profitability, create alignment across boundaries of difference and distance, and develop collaborative organizations.


    Advocacy, Inquiry and Reflection as the building blocks of an advanced Conversational Leadership strategy.

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    Systems Dynamics

    Manage organizational change and use systems principles to improve leadership, decision-making, and results.

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    Draw on complexity science findings to successfully navigate unpredictable market and organizational dynamics.

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    Neuroscience and Leadership

    Cutting-edge brain research provides the keys to unlock your potential in the face of change and challenge.

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    The Mindful Leader

    Mindfulness practices to optimize productivity. Learn to achieve innovative solutions and lead with integrity.

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    Our ability to accomplish organizational goals in the face of dynamic complexity and unpredictability requires a level of collaboration that goes far beyond most models and methods of leadership.

    Leaders need to learn practical skills that will enable them to engage and align global and virtual teams, departments, and divisions to optimize profitability and enhance organizational collaboration.

    This course is designed to develop actionable and practical leadership skills that will benefit you when:

    •     Your role requires you to continually expand your capacity to lead.
    •     The way you used to manage and lead is no longer as useful as it once was.
    •     The environment is rapidly changing, increasingly complex and unpredictable.
    •     You need to manage changing relationships to create optimal business results.
    •     Your success depends on your ability to collaborate across boundaries.
    •     Things are changing so fast and so continually that it is difficult to adapt and respond with what is needed.

    In this course we will expand our capacity to create alignment and inspire commitment by learning skills, methods, and tools that enable us to work effectively with individuals and teams, and with complex and dynamically changing systems.