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    SGR Partners

    Offer new methods of understanding and creating change for leaders, organizations, and individuals. SGR Partners create sustainable growth and returns.

    Capitalizing on Complexity

    Insights from the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study. Over 1500 CEOs across 5 sectors and 4 regions of the world found complexity to be their greatest challenge, and more than half of them doubted their ability to handle it.

    Creating Clarity

    At Creating Clarity, Jean Tully and associates provide consulting and development services for organizations and teams who want to significantly improve their performance levels and collaboration practices through a deeper understanding of their systems.

    Gaffney Corporate Strategies

    Sylvia Gaffney, Ph.D. assists leaders in developing strategies that create success and helps leaders manage the many facets of organizational change.

    Saybrook University

    Saybrook University nourishes creative thinkers and brings diversity of thought and excellence at the edge to higher education,and higher education to the world.